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The Working Writer's Club

Welcome to the Working Writer’s Club

I’m Suzanne Lieurance, The Working Writer’s Coach and president of the club. I can show you how to turn your love of writing into a part time or full time career. Simply become a member of the club (it’s free) and you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of articles,

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Tips for Building and Maintaining Your Writing Momentum

by Irene S. Roth Writers can have a difficult time building and maintaining momentum. Many seem to write in fits and spurts. They write consistently for a month or two and then their inspiration seems to dwindle and they don’t get back to their desks for weeks or months. It

Writer's Workshops

Email Marketing Right

Email Marketing Right

Are you struggling to build an audience? Having trouble getting visitors to your website or developing a personal relationship with your audience? What about your sales, could they be better? If you said YES to any of the above questions, you need to take advantage of email marketing. Did you

Getting Motivated


3 Techniques to Help Introverts Build Self-Confidence Working from Home

by Sandra Knight Are you having trouble sticking to your work schedule? Does your self-confidence need a boost? When was the last time you saw a person or the sun? It is time to get your motivation ramped up by increasing your self-confidence. defines self-confidence as “showing poise and

For Writers

Effective Article Marketing

Article Marketing – Free E-Course

If you’re a small business professional who wants to pump up the way you market yourself and your business on line, there’s no better way to do that than through the creation of your own information products. As a busy professional, you also need to make the most of your

Writing Tips

overwhelmed writer

How to Finish a Writing Project When You Feel Overwhelmed

by Amy M. O-Quinn The confidence and excitement surrounding your current writing project declines, and doubt creeps in. You question your ability to complete the work, and you wonder how you ever thought you had what it takes to be a writer. In short, you are overwhelmed. Sound familiar? The

Freelance Writing

flash fiction

Flash Fiction – Fast and Furious

by Claudette J. Young The past five years have seen a rise in the number of venues accepting Flash Fiction as a short story form. For those who’ve never written these gems, the concept seems both impertinent and difficult. An average story consists of a beginning, middle and end/conclusion. It

Writing Prompts

story starters and creative writing prompts

Story Starters and Other Creative Writing Prompts

by Claudette J. Young 1. You’re a fifteen-year-old whose just rummaged around in the attic/basement and found an old trunk. In it you find old mementoes belonging to your grandfather. You find a stack of old letters addressed to him, in a lovely handwriting. When you read one of them,

Healthy Writers

Healthy writer

Writers – Practice Extreme Self-Care

by Irene S. Roth Self-care is something writers are not necessarily good at. This can become a real problem because you may develop physical tension and mental burnout if you don’t take time to relax before, during and after our writing sessions. But what is even more important, writers have

Club Member Spotlight

le petit paris

Celebrate Paris

Working Writer’s Club member, Wendy Dewar Hughes announces the publication of her new coloring book for adults, Le Petit Paris: Petite Coloring Projects for Adults. About the Book Paris has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, despite the recent tragic

Romance Writing

romance protagonist

Creating A Likeable Romance Protagonist

by Angela Joseph One element of a romance novel that keeps readers turning the pages is the characters themselves. Even more important is the protagonist, the chief player or the one who sets the pace for the unfolding of the story. Editors and publishers of romance have strict guidelines as

Become a Writer – Getting Started

writing sanctuary

Create a Writing Sanctuary

by Irene S. Roth As a writer, you probably spend a lot of time in the confines of your home office. But is this space drab and uninviting? Most office spaces consist of a desk and computer along with drab colored walls. That is not a very motivating space in

Book Marketing


Three Neglected E-book Considerations

by Carolyn Howard-Johnson A Web site owner was asked what the “three most important components are for publishing a professionally produced e-book” and he referred the question to me. As long as I was figuring out the answer to this all-important question, I figured I’d pass it along to you

Memoir Writing

finish your memoir

5 Top Ways to Write AND Finish Your Memoir

by Dorit Sasson There are four more months left of 2015! Is one of your goals to write AND finish a memoir? Wait… don’t laugh out loud. This is doable. There’s NO reason whatsoever why writing a memoir should take years to finish. With a little bit of planning, you



If You’re Serious about Your Writing Career, Keep These Four Types of Journals

by Patricia Bumpass Your journal can be your best friend. Sometimes it can seem like your worst enemy. And for all of you writers, it can be your lifeline. It knows your joys. Your sorrows. Your secrets. Your thoughts and ideas. There are any number of types of journals you

Writing for Children

multiple levels of text in picture books

Writing Multiple Levels of Text in Nonfiction Picture Books

by Nancy I. Sanders In today’s exciting nonfiction market for children’s picture books, one of the trends you’ll see is that many new books include multiple levels of text. It’s a trend that I think will stay because it makes so much sense and adds so much versatility to a

Jobs for Writers

now hiring

How to Get a Writing Job NOW

People are always asking me, “How long should it take before I get my first big writing job?” To me, that question implies that the person asking it is waiting for work, not actively seeking work. And without actively seeking new jobs or assignments it can take a long, long

Magazine Writing

How to find nonfiction markets

How to Find Nonfiction Markets if You’re a Freelance Writer

by Claudette Young If you write for magazines, or want to write for magazines, one of the things you should do first is find suitable niche markets within the main markets you wish to write for. Finding Suitable Niche Markets Any decent market list can deliver an immediate handful of

Mystery Writing

how to write a dark mystery

How to Write a Dark Mystery – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

by Zia Westfield It’s that time of year when we rejoice in all things spooky. The attraction of the Halloween season runs the gamut from returning to childhood play and acting out fantasies, to permitting ourselves a safe place to be frightened—after all, it’s not real. The mystery writer intent

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