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Welcome to the Working Writer’s Club

I’m Suzanne Lieurance, The Working Writer’s Coach and Director of the Working Writer’s Club. Do you want to turn your love of writing into a part time or full time career? Then become a member of our writer’s club (it’s free) and you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of

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Build Your Business Challenge

Build Your Business Challenge for March

Each month we have a different Build Your Business Challenge designed to help you start taking small, consistent actions to build your freelance writing business. Many of these actions will also help you if you’re an author and want to build your readership. The March Build Your Business Challenge is

Memoir Writing

write your memoir

How to Write a Memoir – Part 5 – Finishing Touches

by Susie Kinslow Adams Congratulations! You have finally moved from simply wanting to write your memoir to actually writing it. Do not miss the excitement of this moment. Take time to let it soak in. Very few people come this far. You are one step closer to publishing your story.

Writer's Workshops

how to write better nonfiction

How to Write Better Nonfiction – New Audio

If you want to sell nonfiction books or magazine articles, your manuscript has to be better than other submissions the editor receives. Yes, editors have a greater need for nonfiction than for fiction, and your chances of selling nonfiction are therefore greater than your chances of selling fiction are. But

Writing Tips

writing a novel

Podcast: How to Get “Unstuck” When Writing a Novel

If you’re writing a novel, chances are you’ll get stuck somewhere along the line. Most writers do. So what do you do to get “unstuck”? Well, listen to this new episode of Writing Tips from the Working Writer’s Coach and you’ll get some tips for what to do if you

Freelance Writing

writing queries

What to Do if You Hate Writing Queries

Most professional writers get really good at writing winning query letters. They may or may not actually enjoy this type of writing, but they accept it as just part of the writer’s job. Still, query writing is the one thing that keeps so many other writers from moving ahead quickly

Writing Prompts

daily writing practice

Prompts for Daily Writing Practice

Daily Writing Practice Have you started a daily writing practice? Use one or more of these prompts for a little creative writing practice every morning. We have plenty of prompts here – 10 new ones every week – so scroll back through our Creative Writing Prompts column when you

Club Member Spotlight

melissa abramovitz

Melissa Abramovitz in the Spotlight

Working Writer’s Club member and columnist Melissa Abramovitz recently had a poem, a nonfiction book, and a nonfiction magazine article published. Her poem “Nighttime Magic” appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of the literary magazine Stinkwaves. Her educational nonfiction book for teenagers, Hate Crimes In America, was published by ABDO

Book Marketing

book marketing

True Publishing Includes Marketing

I was moving from journalism and marketing to creative writing and writing how-to books about the time digital printing was coming into being. I sadly became involved with a company who cloaked their “vanity” status with a small advance and a laudatory letter that praised my work so highly I


business journal

Make Plans, Journal, Build a Business

We’re a little over two months into the new year. Where are you on your goals for your freelance writing business? Do you have your goals written down yet? If you’re serious about making a difference in your business in 2017, it’s not too late. Grab your journal and get

Writing for Children

Learning from Rejections by Melissa Abramovitz

Learning from Rejections Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, for children or adults, rejection is a universal fact of life for writers. Even for experienced writers. Many people seem surprised when I tell them that I still receive many, many rejections after being a freelance writer and author for nearly

Strategic Blogging

blogging challenge

Finishing Our 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Welcome to Day 30 of our 30-day Blogging Challenge. It is hard to believe it has been 30 days since we started this Blogging Challenge together. We covered a lot of ground and if you followed along with the tips I shared and made an effort to write a

Build Your Business with a Book

write a book

3 Reasons Why Most People Who Say They Want to Write a Book Will Never Write One

Almost everyone has dreams of writing a book some day. Yet for most people this will never become more than a dream. And thousands of others who do manage to START writing their book will give up midway through and never finish writing it. So Why Don’t More People Write

Become a Writer – Getting Started


How to Create Momentum to Move Your Writing Career Forward

If you’re just starting to build a writing career or your career is stalled, listen to this episode of Writing Tips from the Working Writer’s Coach. You’ll learn how to create the momentum you need in order to propel your writing career forward. Don’t forget to download the study guide

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