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The Working Writer's Club

Welcome to the Working Writer’s Club

I’m Suzanne Lieurance, The Working Writer’s Coach and president of the club. I can show you how to turn your love of writing into a part time or full time career. Simply become a member of the club (it’s free) and you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of articles,

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Build Your Business Challenge

Take Part in Our Monthly Build Your Business Challenges

Build your business… as a freelance writer, author, coach, or speaker when you join The Working Writer’s Club and take part in our monthly Build Your Business Challenges. Please Join Us! Each month we have a different challenge designed to help you build some aspect of your writing career

Writer's Workshops

Specialize to Build Your Business

Specialize to Build Your Business – New Audio Shows You How

When I coach new clients who want to start a freelance writing business or a writing career, I usually advise them to specialize in at least a couple of areas. I tell them to think of it this way – You wouldn’t go to the dentist to deliver your baby.

Getting Motivated


Five Tips to Mute Those Self-Doubting Gremlins

by Irene Roth As a writer, are you often plagued by self-doubt? This isn’t uncommon. Yet this self-doubting mindset can hinder overall productivity and fulfillment in your writing career. Here are.. Five Tips to Mute Those Self-Doubting Gremlins 1. Ground Yourself One of the best ways to ground yourself is

For Writers

double your freelance income

Double Your Freelance Income

If you’re trying to double your freelance income this year, one of the easiest ways to do that is by offering more/new products and services to your existing clients. That’s because it’s easier to sell more to the clients you already have than it is to find a steady stream

Writing Tips

write better dialogue

8 Tips to Write Better Dialogue

by Mayra Calvani Well-written, compelling, engaging dialogue moves the plot forward and brings your characters to life. We all know that the reading becomes faster and the pace quicker when there’s a lot of dialogue in a novel. However, like anything else, balance is the key. A novel with lines

Freelance Writing

the #1 reason many writers fail

The #1 Reason Many Writers Fail

I have many new coaching clients this year and I’m excited to be working with each of them. I know that if they will take the steps we’ve created together in their individual action plans they will be successful. But here’s something interesting that I’ve learned from coaching writers for

Writing Prompts

travel related creative writing prompts

Travel Related Creative Writing Prompts

Love to travel? Love to write? Use one of these prompts to write a travel story: Travel Related Creative Writing Prompts 1.  You are waiting at the airport. Write about the oldest person you see in you waiting area. Where are they going? Why? First trip? Last trip? 2. You

Healthy Writers

Healthy Writer

Take a Break from Writing

by Irene S. Roth   As a writer, you may never think of taking a break when you’re working on a big writing project. However, taking a break, even if it is for a few hours, can completely refresh you and your writing and make you feel fulfilled and happy

Club Member Spotlight

the introverted writer

New Books for Writers by Irene S. Roth

Working Writer’s Club member Irene Roth had four books published in 2015 that are relevant to writers. New Books for Writers The Introverted Writer About the Book Some of the most prolific writers are introverts. The introverted writer can usually write for hours and is very successful at producing manuscripts.

Romance Writing

write romance

Free E-course Shows How to Write a Sweet Romance

Romance writing is a billion-dollar-a-year industry. Authors are busy creating new titles every single day because hungry readers have been known to gobble up as many as forty new romance novels every month. In this free e-course, I show aspiring writers how to write a sweeping tale of epic romance.

Become a Writer – Getting Started

D is for Drinking Gourd

How to Get a Picture Book Published

by Nancy I. Sanders I started writing because I wanted to write picture books. Every week, I took my two preschoolers, Danny and Ben, to our library. Every week, we lugged home tote bags overflowing with picture books. I devoured them all and read them over and over to

Book Marketing

Your author platform

Your Author Platform – Create Visibility Before Getting Published

  The road to publication can be long and winding…and filled with rejection. So, what do you do while you’re submitting your manuscript and waiting patiently? Okay, maybe not patiently, but waiting nonetheless. That’s easy. And, it’s very important. You begin creating visibility. I don’t mean standing on the street


improve your writing by journaling

Improve Your Writing by Journaling

As a writer, one of the best ways to get into the writing habit is to keep a journal. Is one of your goals for 2016 to improve your writing skills and/or become a better writer? You may be asking yourself “How can I use a journal to improve my

Writing for Children

finding your focus for a children's magazine article

Finding Your Focus for a Children’s Magazine Article

Writing nonfiction articles is one of the fastest ways to get published in children’s magazines. But although many of these magazines are hungry for well-written nonfiction, editors still reject a good portion of the submissions they receive. One reason for these rejections is that many articles lack a narrow focus.

Jobs for Writers

Six Steps to Finding Writing Jobs

Six Steps to Finding Writing Jobs and Building Your Business

If you want to actually make a living from your writing, and become what I call a “working” freelance writer, you need to know what to do to create a constant flow of income. Finding writing jobs usually requires several steps. Here are six steps to try: Step 1. Start

Magazine Writing

learn to write query letters

Learn to Write Winning Queries Video

If you want to make money writing for magazines you need to learn to write winning query letters. Watch this short video: For more helpful videos, subscribe to The Morning Nudge on Do Query Letters Ever Get Easier to Write? Here’s an email I got from one of

Mystery Writing


Writing Tools for the Mystery Writer

by Zia Westfield This holiday season consider gifting yourself with some tools for your writer’s toolbox to start the New Year off ready to write. There are numerous software programs, online courses, books and so on competing for our attention and pocket books. I’m going to highlight a few that

Strategic Blogging

build a profitable writing business through blogging

How to Build a More Profitable Writing Business Through Blogging

Any writer who has been in this industry for a while, knows all too well the feast or famine cycle. Here’s the script: one month your writing income finances a big flat-screen T.V. with fancy features. The next month, you’re surviving off Ramen Noodles, and praying for loose change under

Build Your Business with a Book

What does TL: DR mean?

What Does TL; DR Mean?

  Too long; didn’t read, or TL;DR has become shorthand for writing which is overly verbose. Congruent with Strunk and White’s admonition to “omit needless words” and with Einstein’s statement, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler,” TLDR (or “Teal Deer”) has a long history of

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