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The Working Writer's Club

Welcome to the Working Writer’s Club

I’m Suzanne Lieurance, The Working Writer’s Coach and Director of the Working Writer’s Club. Do you want to turn your love of writing into a part time or full time career? Then become a member of our writer’s club (it’s free) and you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of

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how to write a synopsis

How to Write a Sizzling, Scintillating Synopsis

Learn How to Write a Synopsis You’re in need of a synopsis. I can hear the moans and groans echo through cyberspace. But do not fear. Working Writer’s Club member Suzanne Purvis is offering a class in August that will teach your how to write a sizzling, scintillating synopsis. This

Memoir Writing

memoir writing

Memoir Writing – Step 3, Write!

Write a Memoir In a previous post about memoir, we learned the difference between a memoir and an autobiography. In another post, we covered some basics in writing a memoir and considered who we were writing for and what event or period of time would be covered in the

Writer's Workshops


Digging for Treasure: Finding Lesser Known Magazine Markets for Your Work

Register now for this exciting and informative writer’s workshop presented by author and full time freelance writer Melissa Abramovitz. About the Workshop Many freelance writers aspire to publish articles and short stories in well-known magazines they regularly see on newsstands – like Good Housekeeping, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Better Homes and

Getting Motivated

writer's platform

A Writer’s Platform and Productivity

A writer’s platform is the turf you claim and name as your area of expertise in your writing life. Your platform covers everything you do to make that expertise visible. A platform is an organizing principle around which a writer’s many expressions of work evolve. A platform says to both

For Writers

double your freelance income

Double Your Freelance Income

If you’re trying to double your freelance income this year, one of the easiest ways to do that is by offering more/new products and services to your existing clients. That’s because it’s easier to sell more to the clients you already have than it is to find a steady stream

Writing Tips


Tools for Organizing Your Freelance Writing Business

Tools for Organizing Your Freelance Writing Business The better organized you are as a freelance writer, the better able you’ll be to run a successful business. Part of being organized means having the proper forms, templates, and other items on hand. Here’s a partial list of the kinds of items

Freelance Writing

strive for excellence

Strive for Excellence

by Irene S. Roth We all live in a world where mediocrity is celebrated and even encouraged. And this same view pervades a writer’s life as well. As a writer, you are encouraged to write quickly and not follow your dreams or slow down long enough to discover what your

Writing Prompts

new creative writing prompts

New Creative Writing Prompts from Irene S. Roth

New Creative Writing Prompts Here are some new creative writing prompts from Irene S. Roth to start your week. 1. Write about the one that got away (was it a fish? a boyfriend? what?) 2. Then I turned the corner, and I saw… 3. Today had great promise except… 4.

Healthy Writers

Healthy Writer

Emotional Eating and Writing

Writers tend to do a lot of emotional eating. We eat when we are excited or when we receive a rejection. We eat when we have just finished a manuscript that took a long time to complete. Some of us even eat while we are writing, making a mess of

Club Member Spotlight

Irene Roth

Author Irene S. Roth in the Club Member Spotlight

Irene S. Roth is proud to announce her latest book, Dietary Tips to Manage Arthritis Pain and Fatigue. If you experience Arthritis pain or chronic fatigue syndrome, this book will help you manage your pain and live your best life. Irene says this about the book: I believe that the

Romance Writing

where do you find your ideas

Where Do You Find Your Ideas?

Where do your ideas come from? This is a question people have asked me about writing fiction. The answer to that is simple: Ideas are everywhere. If you look at situations and people as subjects for your romance novels or novellas, it’s not hard to imagine stories around them, once

Become a Writer – Getting Started

are you a procrastinator

Are You A Procrastinator by Phyllis Turner

Do you find you keep putting off writing in favor of something else? Cleaning, browsing Facebook, organizing closets… anything except writing? I’m the queen of procrastination and I’ve even wondered if I have ADD and don’t know it. I sit down to write and oh, there’s a new email… and

Book Marketing

making the most of book reviews

Making Your Reviews into Workhorses

Make the Most of Your Book Reviews Authors rarely get the most of their reviews. Surprised? I think it’s either that they are so excited about the review or that the idea of extending a review’s value doesn’t occur to them. Or it’s because so many reviews these days come


journaling for accountability

Your Journal Keeps You Accountable

Accountability, while not a new concept, can be instrumental in achieving success. We all want to be successful. We all want to achieve our goals. Unfortunately, often we fail to reach the achievements and milestones we envision for ourselves because we fail to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, our

Writing for Children

Tradebook tips for teachers

Tradebook Tips for Teachers from Author Sarah Hill

Tradebook Tips for Teachers Today we’re hosting Day 3 of a 5-day virtual tour for Sarah Hill’s new children’s book, Fearne Fairy and the Chocolate Caterpillar. This tour is sponsored by the National Writing for Children Center. In today’s post, Sarah gives some tradebook tips for

Jobs for Writers

Six Steps to Finding Writing Jobs

Six Steps to Finding Writing Jobs and Building Your Business

If you want to actually make a living from your writing, and become what I call a “working” freelance writer, you need to know what to do to create a constant flow of income. Finding writing jobs usually requires several steps. Here are six steps to try: Step 1. Start

Magazine Writing

learn to write query letters

Learn to Write Winning Queries Video

If you want to make money writing for magazines you need to learn to write winning query letters. Watch this short video: For more helpful videos, subscribe to The Morning Nudge on Do Query Letters Ever Get Easier to Write? Here’s an email I got from one of

Mystery Writing

mystery beat

5 Ways to Start a Mystery Novel

by Zia Westfield Making the leap from mystery reader to mystery writer is huge. It’s practically the equivalent of jumping over the Grand Canyon. In fact, if you look too closely you might talk yourself out of jumping. Let’s assume you’ve decided to go for it and try your hand

Strategic Blogging

make money writing

Why You’re Not Making More Money as a Writer

I’d like to go on record, first of all, declaring my fondness for writers. When I take a mental inventory of all my friends, writers dominate. Writers rock! And for good reasons. Categorically, we’re bright; good conversationalists; we know how to spin a story at a cocktail party; are open-minded,

Build Your Business with a Book

benefits of authorship

Quantifying the Benefits of Authorship

What would being an author mean for your business? Many nonfiction authors who write books about their areas of expertise discuss the intangibles of having more credibility or visibility, a larger footprint in the marketplace, or being seen as a thought-leader. If you had to quantify the benefits, what would

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