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The Working Writer's Club

Welcome to the Working Writer’s Club

I’m Suzanne Lieurance, The Working Writer’s Coach and president of the club. I can show you how to turn your love of writing into a part time or full time career. Simply become a member of the club (it’s free) and you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of articles,

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Discover Coloring Books for Adults

Listen to this replay of Creative Caravan Road Show, where Wendy Dewar Hughes and Suzanne Lieurance talk about coloring books for adults. You’ll find out why and how coloring books make the perfect tool for writers. You can also enter their Coloring Books Giveaway for your chance to win

Writer's Workshops


Digging for Treasure: Finding Lesser Known Magazine Markets for Your Work

Register now for this exciting and informative writer’s workshop presented by author and full time freelance writer Melissa Abramovitz. About the Workshop Many freelance writers aspire to publish articles and short stories in well-known magazines they regularly see on newsstands – like Good Housekeeping, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Better Homes and

Getting Motivated


How to Stay Motivated to Finish Writing Your Book or Other Writing Project

by Suzanne Lieurance Since I’m both an author and a writing coach, people are always asking me how I stay motivated to finish writing a book or other project. Over the years, I’ve found several things that work for me. They’ve helped me write over 30 published books, hundreds (maybe

For Writers


You Can Write Your (Nonfiction) Book in Just 30 Days!

Nothing helps build your business – and your credibility as a leading expert – than your own book. And writing a nonfiction book to build your business doesn’t have to take months to write. Let me show you how to write your book in just 30 days. Find out more

Writing Tips

Writing Desk

Writing Atmosphere Matters: What Works for You?

by Amy M. O’Quinn Is there such thing as the perfect writing atmosphere? Think about it. Some writers love to work in coffee shops, while others can’t work away from their own desks. Some must have quiet, while others have learned to create smack dab in the middle of happy

Freelance Writing


Ten Ways to Sabotage your Writing Goals in 2015 by Cathy Fyock

You want to write your book. You want to get it done in 2015. My guess is that even though you have every intention of writing your book, you may be unwittingly sabotaging your own best efforts. Explore this list and determine if you are getting in your own way.

Writing Prompts


Creative Writing Prompts for the Week of July 27, 2015

from Sharon Blumberg Here are some new creative writing prompts for the week. 1. When you woke up this morning, getting ready to go to work, you discovered you can sing and dance like a professional, what do you do? 2. If you didn’t go into your chosen field of

Club Member Spotlight

Dorit Sasson at 19!

Accidental Soldier by Dorit Sasson

My friend and former client and member of the Working Writer’s Club, Dorit Sasson, has just launched her memoir Accidental Soldier that tells the story about leaving New York City and her mother to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Dorit got inducted in the military by accident. In this

Romance Writing


How to Write a Kissing Scene in a Romance Novel

by Mariana Wilson Writing a kissing scene in a romance novel isn’t the easiest thing to do and a lot of novice romance writers seem to get intimidated by the thought of it, as the great number of online searches point out. If you are looking for a magic formula

Become a Writer – Getting Started


10 Blog Traffic Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

If you’re just starting out as a freelance writer, you want to set up a blog for your writing. Once you have a blog, you’ll want to make sure you get plenty of traffic to it so people know all about the products and services you offer. Yet, successful blogging

Book Marketing


Website Metrics – 5 Tips to Keep Your Head above Water by Karen Cioffi

An article I wrote a while ago, Website Ranking – Basic Metrics, got a lot of engagement. Interestingly, the engagement came from both sides of the coin – those who like knowing their ranking numbers and those who don’t. Down with Rankings On the ‘con’ side of dealing with website

Memoir Writing


3 Top Things I Learned While Writing My Memoir by Dorit Sasson

Where-to-find.cwk-WP While I was writing the final draft of my memoir, Accidental Soldier: What My Service in the Israel Defense Forces Taught Me about Faith, Courage and Love, I was consumed by my writing. There was a sense of urgency each time I got an email from my editor



Journal Writing Exercises to Get Past Writer’s Block by Mari L. McCarthy

A blank page is a writer’s worst enemy. You stare it down, search blindly for the right words to fill it and come up empty-handed. Or you start to write but find yourself scratching out or deleting every word as soon as you put it down. Writer’s block afflicts all

Writing for Children


Writing Alone

by Melissa Abramovitz Being a writer is, by its very nature, a solitary profession. Although some writers work in busy newspaper or magazine offices, most sit in a home office or somewhere else in the house, facing a computer, surrounded by reference books and other tools of the trade, alone

Jobs for Writers


How to Find High Paying Writing Jobs

Here’s a question I get asked all the time from beginning freelance writers: How do I find the high paying writing jobs and not get bogged down with small paying assignments that just eat up my time? Here’s my answer to that. If you want to find high paying writing

Magazine Writing


Trade Publications – Your Path to Full Time Writing Income

Trade Publications have long been the secret weapon for many a freelance writer who wants to earn a full-time income writing for magazines. This new e-book gives you step-by-step directions for finding these types of publications and then landing well-paying assignments from editors of these markets. Includes a handy checklist.

Mystery Writing

Camille Minichino

Writing Mystery Series: Ten Tips That Work

by Camille Minichino Readers of crime fiction love series. They like nothing better than to get to know a protagonist and his world over the course of many books, much as we enjoy the episodes of a television drama series. Each story must stand alone, with its own character and

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