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The Working Writer's Club

Welcome to the Working Writer’s Club

I’m Suzanne Lieurance, The Working Writer’s Coach and president of the club. I can show you how to turn your love of writing into a part time or full time career. Simply become a member of the club (it’s free) and you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of articles,

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Make Money Writing E-books

If you’ve been trying to come up with a plan for making money as a writer – without having to query publishers or search online job boards for assignments or clients – then this might be the perfect plan for you. Write and Sell Mini-E-books Author and Internet marketer Dennis

Writer's Workshops


Three Free Tools for Your Writer’s Toolbox: CreateSpace, Inkscape, and Teachers Pay Teachers

 October 21, Tuesday at 2:00 PST: Three Free Tools for Your Writer’s Toolbox: CreateSpace, Inkscape, and Teachers Pay Teachers *Introduction to the benefits of using each of these tools. Whether your book is for kids or adults, you can publish your own book for free on CreateSpace.

Getting Motivated


A Disciplined Writing Life by Irene Roth

The disciplined writer leads a disciplined writing life. However, success is not a marathon of disciplined action. Success is often a short race – a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over. So, what makes for a disciplined writing life? Well, success

For Writers


You Can Write Your (Nonfiction) Book in Just 30 Days!

Nothing helps build your business – and your credibility as a leading expert – than your own book. And writing a nonfiction book to build your business doesn’t have to take months to write. Let me show you how to write your book in just 30 days. Find out more

Writing Tips


On Hockey, Repainting, and Conquering Fear of Failure by Amy M. O’Quinn

I recently got the go-ahead and request to submit a proposal and sample chapter to a publishing company that I hold in high regard, and it would be a major step forward in my career to land a contract with them. Yet, at first, all kinds of thoughts started popping

Freelance Writing

Suzanne Lieurance - The Working Writer's Coach

A Dozen Ways to Get Your Career Started As a Freelance Children’s Writer

by Working Writer’s Club President and children’s author Suzanne Lieurance Chances are, you won’t be the next J.K. Rowling. After all, she’s the only children’s writer on the planet who makes over a billion dollars from her work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a living as a children’s

Club Member Spotlight

Fate (2)

Andrea Buginsky Releases New Book ~ Fate: New Avalon, book 2

About the book Fate: New Avalon, book 2 Elena Baxter’s second year at New Avalon may be more challenging than her first. The demons she was warned about show up, a visitor who greatly affects her arrives, and her best friend, Izzy, has to deal with her painful past. Can

Romance Writing

plotting your story

Plotting Your Story by Wendy Dewar Hughes

You’ve probably heard that some stories are character-driven and others plot-driven. While many novels do lean one way or the other, every story needs well-developed characters and a stimulating plot to keep your reader engaged. We will get into subjects like structuring and pacing in another column but for now

Become a Writer – Getting Started

Tin can phone

Launching Your Writing Career – Making the Most of Communication and Organization by Phyllis I. Turner

Exactly one year ago-almost to the day, I wrote the first entry in my writers Success Journal. I authored these words, “Today, I became a freelance writer.” I had been standing on the threshold of this ledge for all of my adult life and finally taking the jump took resolve,

Book Marketing


3 Reasons Why Editing Should Come Before Self-Publishing by Karen Cioffi

Self-publishing is an amazing beast. It has brought the world of publishing into the hands of you, Joe, Beth, and everyone and anyone who wants to write a book. It has brought writing power and freedom to all. But, with writing power and freedom comes responsibility. This means that while

Memoir Writing


The Importance of Honesty in Memoir Writing by Irene S. Roth

Did you always want to write your memoir but always wondered how much to disclose in it? Do you wonder how much to leave out? Most of us struggle with these questions at first when we start writing our memoir. It can be hard to come to terms with all



Journaling as Your Compass for Work by Mari L. McCarthy

A writing career can be a slippery thing. Are you conscious of the way yours is evolving, and do you use journaling to keep track? You’re a working writer, maybe just starting out or maybe far along the winding road. Wherever you are write now, it helps to have a

Writing for Children


The Breakthrough Children’s Story by Nancy I. Sanders

There is a difference between a breakthrough children’s story and a children’s story that is publishable. There are many many children’s writers I know personally who are writing stories and manuscripts for the children’s market that are just as adorable, just as cute, and just as well-written as published books

Jobs for Writers


How to Find High Paying Writing Jobs

Here’s a question I get asked all the time from beginning freelance writers: How do I find the high paying writing jobs and not get bogged down with small paying assignments that just eat up my time? Here’s my answer to that. If you want to find high paying writing

Magazine Writing


Write for Magazines: To Become a Working Writer, Break in with Fillers!

If you want to write for magazines you should be querying the magazines you wish to write for on a regular basis. But here’s a faster way to break in at some of your favorite markets. Write fillers to become a Working Writer. Fillers are those short pieces that

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