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Book Publicists: What’s It Like to Work With One?

Mar 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Writing Tips

Have you considered working with a publicist to help market your book?

Then hop on over and join the action taking place at Blogzone at

Bestselling and award-winning children’s author, Nancy I. Sanders, has worked with various publicists over her 80+ book career and is currently working with her new one, Josh, to prepare for the release of her forthcoming book, Frederick Douglass for Kids.

While she’s working hard with Josh over the upcoming weeks, Nancy will share an inside peek on her blog at what working with a publicist is all about.

About Frederick Douglass for Kids
Few Americans have had as much of an impact on this nation as Frederick Douglass. Born on a plantation, he later escaped slavery and helped others to freedom via the Underground Railroad. In time he became a bestselling author, an outspoken newspaper editor, a brilliant orator, a tireless abolitionist, and a brave civil rights leader. He was famous on both sides of the Atlantic in the years leading up to the Civil War, and when war broke out, Abraham Lincoln invited him to the White House for counsel and advice.
Frederick Douglass for Kids follows the footsteps of this American hero, from his birth into slavery to his becoming a friend and confidant of presidents and the leading African American of his day. And to better appreciate Douglass and his times, readers will form a debating club, cook a meal similar to the one Douglass shared with John Brown, make a civil war haversack, participate in a microlending program, and more. This valuable resource also includes a time line of significant events, a list of historic sites to visit or explore online, and Web resources for further study.

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