What to Do if You Hate Writing Queries

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Most professional writers get really good at writing winning query letters.

They may or may not actually enjoy this type of writing, but they accept it as just part of the writer’s job.

Still, query writing is the one thing that keeps so many other writers from moving ahead quickly with their writing careers.


Because they hate writing queries so much that they don’t write them.

Or, if they do manage to write queries, they don’t do it on a consistent basis.

Which means they never get very good at crafting queries and they never manage to get many (if any) writing assignments.

So what’s the answer for someone who hates writing queries?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Start submitting to markets that accept complete manuscripts instead of queries.

Of course, this still means you will need to:

• Find these markets and study them carefully once you do find them.

Not every market accepts complete manuscripts. You’ll need to find ones that do and then study these markets.

Studying the markets means reading their submissions guidelines very carefully and then following them to the letter.

It also means reading several back issues of any publication you wish to write for to see the types of materials (and topics) they have published recently.

You’ll also see the overall tone and style of the publication.

• Write something specifically for one or more of these markets instead of simply sending them something you have already written.

There’s an old adage among writers that says, “Amateurs write first and then look for a market. Professionals find a market first and then write.”

This is a good guideline to follow because you’ll have a much better chance for publication when you write pieces with a market (or markets) in mind instead of writing something before you’ve considered several markets.

• Write and submit new material consistently.

This is the big key to your success.

To do this, you’ll need to study several possible markets you’d like to write for before you start writing.

Next, you’ll need to look for additional markets (ones that accept complete manuscripts) all the time.

Don’t let an aversion to query writing keep you from a thriving writing career.

Follow the tips outlined in this article and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a widely published freelance writer earning a good income.

Try it!

The Working Writer’s Coach

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