Creative Writing Prompts for a Valentine’s Day Story

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Valentine’s Day Creative Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts for Valentine's Day

Use one or more of these creative writing prompts to write a romantic story for Valentine’s Day!

1. She couldn’t quite figure out what that look on his face meant. He was either going to yell at her or kiss her.

2. It wasn’t exactly the most romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day. Still, she would take it because…

3. Dogs know good people, she thought. And the way her dog, Sadie, was wagging her tail at the guy standing there with a bag of groceries must mean he was okay.

4. Just who did he think he was, barging ahead of her in line this way?

5. Maggie wasn’t hoping for a marriage proposal this Valentine’s Day. But she did hope for…

6. A romantic weekend at a ski resort in the Alps. Anyone would jump at the chance, right? So why didn’t Kendall want to go?

7. Sarah had seen that ring somewhere before.

8. Rhonda was hoping for candy and flowers this year. But when Valentine’s Day rolled around her husband came home from work with…

9. “I hate Valentine’s Day!” announced Katie. “I just hate it!”

10. Marcia wasn’t about to spend Valentine’s Day alone with a book. She picked up her cellphone and…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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