Using Black History Month to Broaden Your Niche’s Readership

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black history month

February marks Black History Month.

A yearly celebration to honor, acknowledge and embrace the contributions and traditions of people of color.

Black History Month grew from “Negro Week” (through the efforts of Carter G. Woodson and other prominent Black folks) and has been recognized by every president since 1976.

Black history is inextricably linked to American history.

Which means that even if you’re not Black, you can still be a resource, platform or participant in the various fun and educational opportunities that abound.


In today’s column, we’ll explore a few creative ideas for bloggers, writers and authors.

The payoff?

A potentially broader readership, blog diversity, and increased traffic.

Are you ready to be a beacon?

Here Are a Few Suggestions to Consider:

• If you write a food blog, why not share some “Soul Food” recipes or recommended reads of cookbooks authored by African Americans?

• Profile one of your favorite Black authors or poets on your site.

My personal favorites are Maya Angelou, Richard Wright, and William July.

• Conduct a Black History Month Trivia Contest for your readers.

Here’s a site to get you started:

• Review a Black movie on your Blog (a movie with a predominantly Black cast or story line).

If you haven’t seen August Wilson’s “Fences” with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, you really should.

• Share a YouTube Video of Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, or Malcolm X speeches to enlighten and inspire others.

• Partner with a Black Brand or Merchant to do a product give-away on your Blog.

These are just a few fun, innovative ways to play a role in BHM and increase your Blog’s visibility and reach.

Happy Black History Month!

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