Using Fairy Tales from Around the World to Craft New Children’s Stories – Infograph

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fairy tales from around the world

Fairy Tales from Around the World

Authors of children’s stories often pull from mythology to help them craft simplistic morality tales.

We’ve all heard about Cinderella, the Three Little Pigs, the Princess and the Frog, and Humpty Dumpty plenty of times, with in multiple iterations.

We’ve even seen perspective switches and major alterations to those original stories.

But how often do we hear about fairytales from outside of Europe?

The world’s practically littered with myths, from explaining why the moon waxes to telling a tall tale about the fountain of youth.

Consider researching these non-European-centric tales as a possible source for ideas!

Or, perhaps craft your own myth to explain nature in a creative way!

15 Fairytales From Around the World - - Infographic

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