5 Benefits of Content Curation

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benefits of content curation

Content curation has been around for a while, but many book marketing bloggers don’t realize the advantages or benefits it offers.

This form of marketing comes in various forms throughout the internet.

Of those variations there is one common thread: content curation is related to article marketing, or more specifically to content marketing.

You can think of it as one of the strategies under the content marketing umbrella, the same as content aggregation.

If you’re wondering whether content aggregation and content curation are the same, they’re not.

A Forbes article by Susan Gunelius explains that the primary difference between the two is that content curation offers “the human element.”

What does this mean?

Well, content aggregation is simply finding and linking to hot topics, trends, and other news or information worthy content from your site.

Some sites use all sorts of topics and others use content that is focused on their platform.

Content curation on the other hand offers more.

While linking to the information source, those using this strategy add their own spin on the information, or enhance it with personal experience or additional information on the topic.

The information used for content curation is targeted and so is the audience it’s prepared for.

As an example, if you have a book (and site) on alternative medicine and alternative health options you would search for and use information/content on that topic or niche.

You obviously wouldn’t use sports content on your site.

It’s treated as any other niche marketing strategy – it must be focused to your platform or brand.

Content curation offers a broader view and understanding of a particular topic by providing your own input and that of the source content.

Now on to the five reasons you should use this blogging strategy.

5 Benefits of Content Curation

1. Simply put and most importantly, content curation brings your readers more ‘bang’ for their stop at your site.

Rather than offering a single view of a topic, or one site’s experience, you offer your reader the world and a broader information experience.

The reader will appreciate having more information to work with and this will motivate him to appreciate and trust you.

That’s the beginning of a great relationship.

2. It’s a source of ideas for your blogging.

Find current trends, hot topics, and new information in your niche.

The content is already there, you simply add your spin on it in a paragraph or two and voila, you have new post.

3. It’s a time saver.

Using tools like Google Alerts, you can quickly find relevant information to blog about.

And, like ‘number two’ above, it’s ready made content you simply add to.

4. It can support or enhance your own blog posts, adding more value.

Even if you write effective and engaging articles, the reader will find it helpful if you supplement it with additional information.

5. Linking to quality sites is an effective search engine strategy.

When you link to a site that ranks high with Google, you’re noticed.

It can help bring more traffic to your site and help convert visitors into subscribers.

And, that’s what online marketing is all about, the ‘golden’ list.

Content curation will boost your blogging efforts.

You don’t have to use it for every blog post, but you can switch it up a bit and offer your reader something extra.

So, why not give it a try and add it to your existing book marketing strategies.


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