Phyllis Turner in the Spotlight with the Cheeky Chicks Cafe!

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Phyllis Turner and the Cheeky Chicks Cafe

Phyllis Turner and the Cheeky Chicks CafePhyllis Turner, a long-time member of The Working Writer’s Club has recently launched into a new direction!

After a couple of years of trying to figure out what her genre for writing would be and how she could incorporate writing and coaching, it finally hit her while she was doing a free-writing exercise and wondering, “There’s got to be something greater than what I’m doing. Some greater purpose for my life.”

Ultimately, the Cheeky Chicks Cafe was born.

Cheeky: ” Courageous, straightforward, saucy, having mass appeal, but likely to offend. Challenging the status quo, rocking the boat. Typically in an endearing way.”

The Cheeky Chicks Café is a sacred place for women, like Phyllis, who have grown up without a father or strong father figure and are working through the implications of that experience.

Many years of counseling and therapy herself, Phyllis is now intent on helping other women overcome and rise to their full potential as women, sisters, moms, wives, leaders and even business owners!

Being a closed group on Facebook means that anything shared with the group stays in the group and not on your personal pages for everyone to see. It’s a safe place.

So many women don’t even realize that some of their thought processes and patterns of behavior are directly related to being fatherless.

· Low self-esteem

· Feeling unlovable

· Fear of abandonment

· Early onset of sexual activity

· Lack of self-worth

· Fear of intimacy

· Involve themselves in rocky relationships

· Feelings of not belonging

· Emotionally “guarded” (building walls around their heart)

· Needing validation from men

· Anxiety about being financially dependent on men

· And many, many more.

Little girls who grow up without daddy around, whether it be due to death, abandonment, divorce, or due to physically present but emotionally absent, work-a-holism, illness, etc. have huge obstacles to overcome.

Being fatherless brings with it a huge list of possible life experiences that women who have grown up with a father at home and present, probably don’t experience.

Phyllis is in the process of developing powerful courses that will be able to help women work through and overcome many of the issues that surface as a result of having an absent father and she is also working on writing her story for future publication.

She is a contributing author in the upcoming anthology, From Fear to Freedom, where she tells the story of forgiving her father for abandoning the family.

While she is developing her courses and writing, Phyllis has created this space for you called The Cheeky Chicks Café.

She would appreciate your support and encourages any women who have grown up with an absent father to join her on this journey and to spread the word to others who could use her experience to overcome and become the women they were meant to be.

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  1. Congratulations, Phyllis. I wish you every success is your new endeavour.

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