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how to write better nonfiction

If you want to sell nonfiction books or magazine articles, your manuscript has to be better than other submissions the editor receives.

Yes, editors have a greater need for nonfiction than for fiction, and your chances of selling nonfiction are therefore greater than your chances of selling fiction are.

But editors still will not buy boring or substandard nonfiction!

New Audio – How to Write Better Nonfiction

In this recorded writer’s workshop, freelance writer and author Melissa Abramovitz presents tips for writing better nonfiction that sparkles and sells.

In this audio you will learn and discover:

• How better prep work contributes to writing better nonfiction

• Tips for creating the sparkling sentences and powerful paragraphs that make better nonfiction

• Special tips for beginnings, middles, and endings that will hook and keep readers reading your nonfiction

• How revisiting and revising are essential for writing better nonfiction

Register for this writer’s workshop now and get immediate and unlimited access to the complete audio for only $20.00.

Click here to register: Write Better Nonfiction Workshop

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